Australian Dental Technicians Association

Our Association is nationally co-ordinated representing dental technicians across Australia. Our structure has a national executive and includes state delegates that broadly represent the needs of our members and the laboratories they operate.

The ADTA is the custodian for the Dental Technology profession, with key objectives to;

  • uphold and advance the standard of dental technology.
  • foster education and training.
  • provide strong advocacy and initiatives to promote the profession.
  • influence the regulatory environment to achieve a practical and consistent application of regulations.
  • provide and manage standards for Dental Laboratory Certification.

By joining the ADTA you will have added your voice to the Dental Technician profession within Australia.

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What can the ADTA do for you?


The ADTA is a nationally coordinated association representing Dental Technician’s, giving them a national voice.


The ADTA will collaborate within the sector and lobby governments to ensure Australian Dental Technicians have a prosperous future.


The ADTA has strong representation within the TGA’s Dental Sector Working Group (DSWG) and is well equipped to guide members through the process when listing devices on the ARTG. Members will be kept up to date with pertinent information including resources posted in our members area.


In response to TGA legislative changes, the ADTA has established a Laboratory Certification Program where the quality, standard and conformity of dental laboratories can be recognised.


The ADTA website to offer industry specific benefits including market places and classifieds via the members area.


The ADTA is able to provide current updates on industrial relations and awards.


The ADTA can offer guidance for issues relating to the Federal Work, Health & Safety (WHS) Act. A handbook is being drafted to help laboratories manage their obligations.


The ADTA will provide leadership and foster progressive education.


The ADTA will contribute to national initiatives by providing pertinent information to the sector.


The ADTA will provide a medium for members to collaborate with their fellow professionals.

What can you do for the ADTA

Join the ADTA so we can collaborate and build strength in numbers.

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